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Statement Breakdowns

Check your monthly dashboard to see a snapshot of your processing rate and compare it to previous months.

Monthly Alerts

Get notified if your processing rate passes 3% so you can check in with your processor if necessary.

Competitor Shopping

Ready to change processing companies? We will help you find a new processing company and send you a checklist to make sure you are ready to make the switch.


Choose the plan that works for you. You can change your plan later as needed. No contracts on any plans!



  • Dashboard breaking down your rates

  • Alerts for high processing rates

  • Competitor shopping as needed or desired

  • Access to Discord community



  • Everything in Basic plus:

  • Monthly Snapshot to compare with other merchants

  • Dedicated support line

  • Full statement analysis including highlighting all hidden fees



  • Everything in Pro plus:

  • Consulting & Advisory Services

  • Add our team as a read-only user with your processor for faster statement retrieval

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